For my first project in my Identity Systems class, we were tasked with finding a policy in which we had to come up with an identity system for it. Because these times were tumultuous, and continue to be, I wanted to represent some of the work that the late John Lewis left behind. The policy I chose was the Voter Empowerment Act of 2019. It laid the groundwork to modernize the current voter registration, gave more access to vote for people with disabilities, and to protect people so they can exercise the
right to vote. My reasoning for choosing this act was primarily fueled by how things were going in this country and how I wanted to change that. The right to vote is sometimes taken for granted and it was
something that I wanted to make more visible, more apparent. Not only is it our right, but it also shouldn’t be difficult to exercise that right. For the specifications of this assignment, we had to keep in mind what type of logo would prove that I did the research and how would it be simple and understandable to people.
I decided to keep it simple and not overthink it. I wanted to make it clear that this is a U.S. issue that needs attention and needs to be resolved. I also took what I have learned from my typography classes in order to communicate the acronym as clearly and as classy as possible. Towards the end, I was more than satisfied with my project especially since it is something that is bigger than me. The idea of this act is to empower the individual voter. And as a collective, a lot more can be done to enact real, long-term change in this country.
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