For this project in my Identity Systems class, we were tasked with finding an artist to represent in a gallery setting. I ended up choosing Saul Bass as my artist due to my previous knowledge of his work. I actually first learned about him in my Creativity
and American Culture class at UT and continued my knowledge of him throughout my internship as well. I enjoyed what he had done with graphic design in the 20th century and was drawn to the jaggedness that his work was composed of. He did a lot more than just graphic design including film posters and animation for films as well. 
A lot of the work he did was composed of broken or jagged shapes and interacted with type in an interesting manner. That’s why I went the name ‘Fissure’ since it means a 'break or crack in an object'. The fractured oval, and the oval itself, is an homage to the spotlights for movies and the retro nature of his previous work. The color palette is even part of his work since a lot of his work involved retro colors as well. Something that I would do to push this concept further would be to animate it. I believe there’s some real creativity that can be tapped here knowing how his
work was heavily involved in the movie industry.
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