During my internship at Civitas Learning, my work comprised of these line art illustrations. The line arts were used mainly for their website and graphics on promotional materials. I did a great enough job on these stock illustrations to even get some freelance work from the same company after my internship ended.

Some of the other work I did was more on the fun side. For example, a scrapped idea for a company shirt with a motivational phrase was part of the job. Something that was more in the branding and colors of the company with a Pac-Man theme to it.
The more intense side of this internship came from using Hype, a motion graphics software, to make and edit videos for promotional purposes. Below are videos I created and edited with the use of Adobe Premiere Pro and Hype. Throughout this phase in my internship, I valued the time where I was able to continue to learn more about design and what I could create with it.
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